Comida sana


We used to be real meet eaters. We are from Chile and the BBQ is the typical food that we cook for friends or family meetings.

I never though to became a vegan and without effort at all. All happened and I never plan it to be like this, just happened because little by little my mind started to be more flexible and connected with my body and my older though started to go away.

Now I can said that we eat so much more products that I did before! Sound rare because for my family or friends I don’t eat nothing hahah and actually I add so many things to my food; new spices, nuts, seeds, grains, cereals, legumes and the most important: love.

Here we share some simples recipes that you can do anytime and also we invite you to get in touch with us if you have any question.

Cooking lessons

All the recipes are designed to make healthy food preparation easy and accessible for everyone. Their approach (using organic, nutrient rich, live foods, food combining, juicing and detoxification) will give you the basis for creating vibrant health and a balanced mind. Their classes are always a delicious highlight. 😉


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